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At Schelstraete Dressage, competition-level dressage is a top priority.

Schelstraete Dressage is an initiative of Jonna Schelstraete with the goal to train top level horses and ponies. Jonna has trained several remarkable dressage horses like Witness, Reflection, Alfi, Chicago MH, Buriel KH, Verdict, CSI, Bosley, Cupido, and Grand Charmeur. Jonna has trained intensive with Anky van Grunsven. Jonna and her horses compete in several competitions like PAVO competitions, World Championship selections, Z2 and International Grand Prix.

At Grand Prix level, Jonna made her debut with Liebling who was purchased from Carl Hester. Thereafter Jonna has trained horses like Verdict, Bosley and Cupido and brought them into Grand Prix level competitions.

Riders & trainers

Schelstraete van den Ham J-Grand Charmeur-ERME18L200668

Jonna Schelstraete

Trainer & rider Schelstraete-M-Elins-800800

Micky Schelstraete

Trainer & rider amber

Amber Schelstraete

Trainer & rider

Keri Lambermont


Lisa Bekkers

Trainer & rider


Danielle Markovic

Groom evelien-v-helden

Evelien van Helden


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