1st place for Lisa and Zoe during selection matches for the Championships of North Brabant

Lisa Bekkers has conquered the first place with SD Kavallo during the selection match for the Championships of North Brabant which was held in Oirschot (North Brabant).

In Den Dungen, Zoë Kuintjes and SD Jartoga J.T. were too strong for their opponents, and also took the first place during the selection match for the Championships of North Brabant.

Beautiful compilation of Elin’s Noncisdador

To celebrate the nice years we’ve had with Elin’s Noncisdador, a compilation has been made with images and footage of Elin’s Noncisdador (A.k.a. Sco)

Great scores for Micky and Sco during CDI Saumur

During the international competition CDI, which was held in Saumur (France) from 2nd till the 5th of May, Micky and Sco received great scores from the judges.

The team Champion test was rewarded with a score of 72.866%, which resulted in a 3rd place. In the individual test Micky and Sco finished 2nd with a score of 74,505%. The Freestyle was granted a score of 76,67%, good for a 4th place.

Click here for a complete overview of the scores.

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