Rinus van Rosmalen cup

On Friday the 6th of January Micky and Jolina won the Rinus van Rosmalen cup at the Sint Jacobus riding club. 

On Sunday the 8th of January in the selection of the C category (ponies) intermediate (CM) a rail was knocked down unfortunately, however they did second of the CM.

Micky and Mithrill place themselves for Rendolution Cup

Micky and Mithrill  were the second combination which managed to place themselves for the Rendolution Cup: walk 8,5; trot 9; canter 9,5 and general impression: 9,5.

Last weekend during the Geldrop Hippique: Micky won the C-M jumping class with Orchid’s Jolina. Overall she became second this weekend.

Micky wins NRPS Championship

On Saturday 17th of September Micky won the NRPS Championship in Ermelo. She achieved a first place in the C and D class at M level. This was Micky’s debute after becoming reserve champion in the C-L Jumping categorie.

Micky became Dutch reserve champion, Amber 5th

On Sunday the 28th of August, Micky became reserve champion. Micky, riding Jolina, achieved this in the C L Jumping Categorie.

Amber, riding Onyx, became fifth in the D L1 Dressage with 68%.

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