Micky becomes reserve champion of Brabant with Mithril

We are so blessed to have such an awesome pony.

Also Micky’s performance was great! Last night we came home late due to the Symphonica Horse Show, in which we rode a Pas de Deux at the KWPN stallionshow. This morning Micky finished third in the M2; we are ready for the national championships!

A special thanks to Monique Peutz for assembling the Kur. Thanks for grooming and the support: Marleen van Gerwen, Daniëlle Markovic, Koen Silvertant, Ivonne de Jonge, Zoë Kuintjes, Jade Oord, Luc Schelstraete, it was awesome!

Micky Schelstraete wins Felix Juristen Cup Vorden

On Saturday the 13th 35 combinations participated in the KNHS Felix Juristen Cup which also counted as a selection competition for the A-selection. Two combinations managed to comply to the new standard of 71% which, as of January 1st, needs to be achieved in order to count as an A-selection score. Micky Schelstraete and Elin’s Noncsdador won with a score of 71,62%. “He performed very smoothly, especially the canter. In trot I kept him slightly too short in the neck.” Micky Schelstraete explains after her test.

Source: Horses.nl


Micky wins M2 selection competition in Ammerzoden

Yesterday Luc and Micky travelled from CDi Aken to Ammerzoden where Tessa van Os and Mithrill were waiting for the selection competition in the M2 category. They won this test with a 70% score and the jury complimented Micky on the way she performed the warming-up. The previous selection competition also ended up in a 1st place so we’re pretty proud at this top combination.

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