Amber and Burberry win at debut in Z1category

Superproud!!! They have been a combination for just two weeks and they’ve already made their debut in the Z1 category today!!! Amber and Burberry won with a score of 66,5%. Micky and Mithril also made their debut in the Z1 category. They made a few mistakes in the test, nevertheless they are very satisfied with the result!

Amber and Oskar achieved several points in the competitions, what a wonderful way to end the holidays!

Tomorrow it is time for the kids to go back to school again. Nevertheless they managed to end their holidays in a great way. Oskar won a point in two dressage tests in the B-category with Bonnie. So now they are officially ready to start the jumping competitions. Amber and Onyx gained points in two competitions in the Z1 category. They came in 1st place both times with a score of 66%+. A real milestone to Amber and Onyx! And what a great way to end her time working together with this handsome white pony!

Third place in the Z1 and M2 category for Micky and Amber

Today the first selection for the Championships of Brabant was ridden. Micky and Cappucino were just competing in their third Z1 test and despite the fact that Cappucino is inexperienced he is making great progress. They became third. Well done Cappucino and Micky!

Amber had to get things started in the beginning with Onyx in the M2 category. And even though there were a few mistakes she did manage to achieve a third place. On to the next competition!

A weekend full of debuts

Oskar and Bonnie (owned by Harmke Koelman) made their first appearance in the B category and achieved a 4th place. Not a first place yet, but we’re sure this will work out right eventually.

Amber and Onyx made their start at the M2 category and won.

Micky and Cappucino entered the Z1 category for the first time, they made too many mistakes, but despite this they still managed to come in first place.

Micky and Lindsey made a clear round for the first time in the BB category and in the B category they knocked down one element, nevertheless they did well!

And to make this day even better Jolina participated in the Z category for the first time and achieved a great result: 2 clear rounds and therefore taking first place!

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