Team Challenge: “High scores like these definitely give a great feeling for the rest of the season’

On Saturday morning Jumping Amsterdam started with the “Hoefslag Team Challenge” in which three junior teams had to compete against each other in the Freestyle to music. Each team consisted out of a Pony rider, a Junior and a Young Rider. Having shown three very strong performances, Micky Schelstraete riding Elin’s Noncisdador, Thalia Rockx riding Golden Dancer de la Fazenda and Febe van Zwambagt riding FS Las Vegas won the competition. The three competing combinations stayed ahead of the other combinations by a slight advantage of 0,042 points.

‘Sco’ and Micky going super!

The youngest competitor of the winning combination, Micky, entered first in the arena and set the bar with a percentage of 73,542. ‘It definitely went well. I am super happy with ‘Sco’, the young rider commented enthusiastically. ‘We had a minor flaw. He fell back into trot from canter whilst going for a flying change, but apart from that it went great. He was very good and relaxed. I was pretty nervous yesterday evening and this morning but thankfully this feeling eventually stopped when I entered the arena.’

Foto: Thalia Rockx, Micky Schelstraete, Febe van Zwambagt Jumping Amsterdam 2017 © DigiShots

Sorce: De hoefslag

Micky Schelstraete wins Felix Juristen Cup Vorden

On Saturday the 13th 35 combinations participated in the KNHS Felix Juristen Cup which also counted as a selection competition for the A-selection. Two combinations managed to comply to the new standard of 71% which, as of January 1st, needs to be achieved in order to count as an A-selection score. Micky Schelstraete and Elin’s Noncsdador won with a score of 71,62%. “He performed very smoothly, especially the canter. In trot I kept him slightly too short in the neck.” Micky Schelstraete explains after her test.

Source: Horses.nl


Micky wins M2 selection competition in Ammerzoden

Yesterday Luc and Micky travelled from CDi Aken to Ammerzoden where Tessa van Os and Mithrill were waiting for the selection competition in the M2 category. They won this test with a 70% score and the jury complimented Micky on the way she performed the warming-up. The previous selection competition also ended up in a 1st place so we’re pretty proud at this top combination.

A Very Successful Weekend for Micky Schelstraete at CDI Exloo International

Micky Schelstraete had a very successful weekend with her Hanoverian pony Elin’s Noncisdador at the International CDI Exloo competition, which was held from the 26th to the 29th of October. The combination placed second in all three classes they participated in, with impressing scores of 72,317 in the Individual Test, 71,325 in the Team Championship Test and a final remarkable score of 74.125 in the Sunday Kur to Music class, presented by the Schelstraete Advocaten Prijs.

Schelstraete Advocaten proudly presented Sunday´s International Dressage Freestyle class with the Schelstraete Advocaten Prijs.

The winner of the class was Shanna Baars with the pony Don Camillo Du Bois, in second place was Micky Schelstraete on Elin´S Noncisdador and in third was Fleur  Prinsen with the pony Next Black Magic. The class was judged by Janine van Twist (NED), Gabriela Valerianova (CZE) and Alban Tissot (FRA).

Schelstraete Advocaten is honored to be part of shaping and encouraging the rising stars of this exceptional sport.

Horses.nl: Jonna Schelstraete wins ZZ (heavy) and GP comeback: ‘Super happy with both’

After the incident with Cupido (v. Tuschinski) in which the horse slipped whilst being in the field, the talented Grand-Prix horse of Jonna Schelstraete made its reappearance in the arena. At the Sub-top competition in Ammerzoden the combination achieved a score of 67,20% and therefore they took the lead with a difference of 10%. Schelstraete also entered the competition with future talent Grand-Charmeur (v. Apache) and they managed to win convincingly with a score of 66,71% in the ZZ (heavy) category.

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