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Schermafbeelding 2019-11-05 om 10.39.12 Nov 05

For Sale: Lumax

For sale Lumax (Glamourdale X Uphill) is for sale. Contact us for more information. zoe-kuintjes800 Oct 22

1st place for Lisa and Zoe during selection matches for the Championships of North Brabant

General news Lisa Bekkers has conquered the first place with SD Kavallo during the selection match for the Championships of North Brabant which was held in Oirschot (North Brabant). In Den Dungen, Zoë Kuintjes and SD Jartoga J.T. were too strong for their… Schermafbeelding 2019-09-03 om 09.35.56 Sep 03

Beautiful compilation of Elin’s Noncisdador

General news To celebrate the nice years we’ve had with Elin’s Noncisdador, a compilation has been made with images and footage of Elin’s Noncisdador (A.k.a. Sco) Micky-FEI-2 Jun 04

Micky rises on FEI World Ranking

General news With Elin’s Noncisdador (a.k.a. SCO), Micky was able to conquer the 3rd place in the overall ranking. With the recently sold Schierensees Mithril, Micky rose 67 places, from the 117th to the 50th place. FEI Dressage World Youth Ranking -… Mithrill 4 May 16

Micky is now part off the national Squad with 3 pony’s and one horse

General news Micky, 14 years old, is now part off the national Squad with 3 pony’s and one horse: A Squad with Grand Charmeur (juniors) A Squad with Elin’s Noncisdador (pony’s) B Squad with Jonkers Pieter( pony’s) B Squad with Schierensees Mithril… micky-en-sco May 08

Great scores for Micky and Sco during CDI Saumur

General news During the international competition CDI, which was held in Saumur (France) from 2nd till the 5th of May, Micky and Sco received great scores from the judges. The team Champion test was rewarded with a score of 72.866%, which resulted… IMG-20190507-WA0000 May 07

Schierensees Mithrill sold

General news Schierensees Mithrill has been sold to Laura Laustsen from the Gunnarlunda stable from Sweden. The last results from Micky and Mithrill together as a combination where achieved at the international competition CDI in Saumur (France). We wish Laura Laustsen lots… FEI-4 May 07

Micky 4th in FEI ranking

General news Micky has reached the 4th place in the FEI Dressage World Youth Ranking. Micky is the highest placed dutch rider with 1897 points in total. The top 10 is fully occupated by North European riders: Denmark (3), Germany (5) and… 600b57cc-c1e3-4e2d-b668-54d9e3f1b775 Aug 14

Success at the European Championships 2018

European Championship | General news Micky Schelstraete and her stallion Elin’s Noncisdador had a very successful week at the European Pony Championships in Bishop Burton, United Kingdom. They commenced with a whole series of 7,5-and eights on their protocol ending up on a strong 73,829%… Easy-Top Jun 12

Easy Top Sold to USA

Sold This beautiful 9 year old gelding descends from Zizi Top x Gribaldi. Easy Top has been sold to the USA. Results 2017 8-7-2017 – Z2 Liempde: 4th place with 64,74% 6-5-2017 – Z2 Hulten: 2nd place… jonkers Apr 16

Jonker’s Pieter (for sale)

For sale Jonker’s Pieter owned by the Bekkers family from Liempde. This beautiful is being trained at our stables and is for sale. Micky will ride Jonker’s Pieter in the Z2 category. Results 2018 28-4-2018 – Z2 Geesteren: 5th place met 68,38% 21-4-2018 – Z2 Werkendam: 1st… Schelstraete-J-Grand-Charmeur Apr 10

Light tour – Category won by Jonna and Grand-Charmeur , 3rd with Cupido

Light tour It was the first outdoor competition of this year and it was pretty warm. Grand-Charmeur really felt like it. We did run into some minor difficulties. But overall I’m very satisfied with this real winner. Cupido also participated in the… 30414865_584301248571592_2438521036537162950_n Apr 10

Amber and Burberry win at debut in Z1category

Z1 Superproud!!! They have been a combination for just two weeks and they’ve already made their debut in the Z1 category today!!! Amber and Burberry won with a score of 66,5%. Micky and Mithril also made their debut in the Z1… Invito-1 Apr 02

Invito – Sorento x Gribaldi is for sale

For sale Beautiful Invito is for sale. Contact us for more information. burberry Mar 23

New ride for Amber

General news The 11 year old mare Burberry will be ridden by Amber in the ‘Children’s class’. schelstraete-m-elins-noncisdador-erme18l10282 Mar 17

IK18: Micky Schelstraete achieving a second title

Z2 In the toughest category of the Indoor Championships for ponies which was ridden today, the ZII category for D/E ponies, the first place was for Micky Schelstraete riding Elin’s Noncisdador. Already in the first test of the Felix Hippische Juristen… IMG_6862-800 Mar 13

Subtop: Schelstraete wins: Dutch Champion coming through in PSG

Prix st Georges In Liempde the jury members Van der Harst and Boomaars were shown several fine tests. Especially in the lichte tour there were some good scores achieved. The highest result was for Jonna Schelstraete. With her Grand Charmeur, the Apache-descendant with… IMG-20180311-WA0002 Mar 11

Micky becomes dutch champion with Mithril in the D M2 class

M2     Source: KWPN-pas-de-deux Feb 04

Jonna en Micky ride a pas de deux during KWPN Stallionshow

Special event | ZZ-Heavy The video below was made during the KWPN Stallionshow last weekeind. Jonna and Micky were invited to ride a Pas de Deux during the biggest stallion show in the Netherlands…       27544800_555751284759922_8193081501141705067_n Feb 04

Micky becomes reserve champion of Brabant with Mithril

M2 | Special event We are so blessed to have such an awesome pony. Also Micky’s performance was great! Last night we came home late due to the Symphonica Horse Show, in which we rode a Pas de Deux at the KWPN stallionshow. This morning… Team-3-AMST18L188121-700x466 Jan 28

Team Challenge: “High scores like these definitely give a great feeling for the rest of the season’

Special event | ZZ-Heavy On Saturday morning Jumping Amsterdam started with the “Hoefslag Team Challenge” in which three junior teams had to compete against each other in the Freestyle to music. Each team consisted out of a Pony rider, a Junior and a Young… vorden Jan 17

Micky Schelstraete wins Felix Juristen Cup Vorden

M2 | ZZ-Heavy On Saturday the 13th 35 combinations participated in the KNHS Felix Juristen Cup which also counted as a selection competition for the A-selection. Two combinations managed to comply to the new standard of 71% which, as of January 1st, needs… _QUI6366 Jan 08

Micky Schelstraete Stays on the A-Squad Despite the Higher KNHS Criteria 

General news The dressage squads of U25, young riders, juniors and ponies have been considerably reduced due to the recently announced 2018 change in the qualification criteria. The A-squad score has been increased from 70% to 71% and for the B-squad the… Schelstraete-J-Grand-Charmeur-BERL16L10191 Dec 21

First place forJonna and Grand Charmeur with a 75% score in Uden

General news Had an amazing ride this morning on my 6year old this morning @selection Uden… The judges agreed: 75%. Grand Charmeur; you Rock!  25442875_533866753615042_8138178699507015456_n Dec 17

Micky Schelstraete becomes ‘ring’ champion with Mithril

M2 Micky Schelstraete has become ‘ring’ champion with Mithril. A great way to end the year 2017. 24174200_524977764503941_5463397232245996302_n Nov 27

Micky wins M2 selection competition in Ammerzoden

M2 | ZZ-Heavy Yesterday Luc and Micky travelled from CDi Aken to Ammerzoden where Tessa van Os and Mithrill were waiting for the selection competition in the M2 category. They won this test with a 70% score and the jury complimented Micky on… QUI7321 Oct 30

A Very Successful Weekend for Micky Schelstraete at CDI Exloo International

General news | ZZ-Heavy Micky Schelstraete had a very successful weekend with her Hanoverian pony Elin’s Noncisdador at the International CDI Exloo competition, which was held from the 26th to the 29th of October. The combination placed second in all three classes they participated… Jonna Schelstraete en Cupido Oct 23 Jonna Schelstraete wins ZZ (heavy) and GP comeback: ‘Super happy with both’

General news | ZZ-Heavy After the incident with Cupido (v. Tuschinski) in which the horse slipped whilst being in the field, the talented Grand-Prix horse of Jonna Schelstraete made its reappearance in the arena. At the Sub-top competition in Ammerzoden the combination achieved a score… _M_12655 Oct 23

Micky and Mithrill win competition in Berlicum, Amber became 2nd

General news | M2 | Z1 | Z2 Micky and Mithrill win competition in Berlicum in the M2 category with a score of 72% Amber and Onyx became 2nd in Berlicum in the Z1 category with a score of 70,6 %. This category was ridden along with the… cdi-waregem Sep 17

Micky wins the individual test at CDI Waregem

General news | ZZ-Heavy On Saturday the 16th of September Micky has won the individual test with a score of 71.667% at the CDI in Waregem. Even her opponents were proud at Micky (Fltr: Kicky Romney, Tessa Gilberts, Micky, Shanna Baars; Nrs: 3, 4, 1… 21369285_492720924396292_2002665771299935531_n Sep 12

New pony Adje welcomed at Schelstraete

General news | ZZ-Heavy In the beginning of September the show jumper Adje arrived at our yard. We’re really excited to start working with him! mithrill Sep 12

Top pony Mithril is back again

General news The stallion Schierensees Mithril has returned after a year of training and care. Micky and Amber are looking forward to start working with him again. david Sep 12

David is back again

General news | ZZ-Heavy After a great outdoor season, pony David has returned to the Schelstraete stables. Amber Schelstraete - Onyx van de kleine vier
Hippiade 2016
© DigiShots Sep 11

Dressage pony Onyx for sale (sold)

Sold The lovely dressage pony Onyx, with excellent performances in 2016 and 2017 in amongst others the M1, M2 and Z1 category is now for sale. The 13-year old pony, which is suitable for riders who would like to learn and… Schelstraete M-Cappuccino Royale G-ERME01763564 Sep 04

Micky and Cappuccino Royale win their first individual test

General news | ZZ-Heavy On Friday September 1st, Micky and Cappuccino Royale G performed their first inidividual test. They won with an impressive score of 66%. Cappuccino also performed his first freestyle to music, which was also won with a score of 73%. Great… amber Aug 27

Amber and Oskar achieved several points in the competitions, what a wonderful way to end the holidays!

B | Z1 | ZZ-Heavy Tomorrow it is time for the kids to go back to school again. Nevertheless they managed to end their holidays in a great way. Oskar won a point in two dressage tests in the B-category with Bonnie. So now they…

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