IK18: Micky Schelstraete achieving a second title

IK18: Micky Schelstraete achieving a second title

In the toughest category of the Indoor Championships for ponies which was ridden today, the ZII category for D/E ponies, the first place was for Micky Schelstraete riding Elin’s Noncisdador. Already in the first test of the Felix Hippische Juristen Prijs the combination took the lead and managed to keep it. Micky Schelstraete completes the family achievings at the KNHS Indoor Championships. Last week Micky won the M2 Championship for ponies and mum Jonna won the title in the ZZ-Zwaar category.

“In the first test I played it safe, however the second test went much better and I was satisfied with the result. I hope to do well at International level and that I achieve good scores and then a good performance on the European Championship. That would be cool.” the champion tells us. About the 16-year old top pony Micky is letting us know: “He is incredibly handsome and he always does the best he can and never lets you down. I have learned a lot from him. He actually knew most of the tricks and taught me a lot. Which is of use to me when it comes to my other ponies.”

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