Micky en Elin’s Noncisdador 1e met 70,98 tijdens Landenproef CDI Nieuw en St Joosland; tevens nu in A Kader

Micky and Elin’s Noncisdador ended first with a score of 70,98% in the Landenproef CDI Nieuw en St Joostland; now in the A-section

With a score of almost 71% the performance of Micky Schelstraete who was riding the NRPS stallion Elin’s Noncisdador at the CDI Zeeland Outdoor was well appreciated. With this score the 12-year old amazon triumphed at the Hippisch Centrum De Kroo.

Micky and Elin’s Noncisdador form a combination as from October last year. Before Micky and Elin’s Noncisdador became a team the white pony entered in International competitions with Zoë Kuintjes. The combination managed to stay ahead of the German combination Nele Lobbert and Contra, who also managed the achieve a score above 70%.

Source: de hoefslag (dutch only)

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