3 wins in Bergharen

On Saturday the 29th of October Micky and Mithrill made their debut in the L2 Dressage Category in Bergharen. A well-deserved first place was achieved.

Micky and Cappucino Royale managed to end up first place after achieving a score of 70% in the M2 Dressage Class. Along with this score they gained a score of 9(!) for seat position.

The day ended with Amber and Onyx achieving a first place in the M1 class with a 70% score.

Amber and Micky won during their debut in the M1 and M2 class

Amber and Onyx made their debut in the M1 class and managed to end first place (67,33 %)

Micky and Cappucino Royale made their debut in the M2 class. Their first test didn’t go entirely flawless: 65,17% however the second test was won with a score of 71%.

Indoor selections here we come!

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