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Micky Schelstraete, born in 2004, competed three times at European Championships with her pony Elin’s Noncisdador with twice silver team medal. In addition she became two times Dutch Champion with different ponies. At the moment Micky start two horses Gregwaard and Knight Rider at the international Junior Class.



Jonna Schelstraete: originally a showjumper Jonna switched to dressage when she met her husband Luc. Jonna competed succesfully at Intermediate and Grand Prix level with numerous horses.  Currently Jonna rides Kavallo ( same breeder and family of Suppenkasper ), Ironman, Layla Amanda, Higgs and Night Star.



Amber Schelstraete started riding ponies at a young age. She started with several ponies in dressage, but soon showed more interest in show jumping. She developed into a fine jumping rider and nowadays she regularly competes with her horse. Amber also helps out at the training centre when necessary.


van den bosch

Tessa van den Bosch, 25 years old, is rider and stable groom at Schelstraete Dressage. She says: “The peace, professionalism and quality horses make it fun for me to work at Schelstraete Stables. Actually, all horses are nice to work with, but my favorite is Oogappel, who has the complete picture and is very nice to work with because of his top character.”


THE manager



Luc is well known as the founder of Schelstraete Equine Lawyers and of the international alliance of equine lawyers EUAEL. His passion for horses concerns Law and DRESSAGE. Together with his wife Jonna, Luc originally was a showjumper. He also did some eventing but in the end DRESSAGE was and still is his passion for more than two decades.

Luc and Jonna established their Dressage yard twenty years ago in the middle of the Netherlands and since than the business and sports in DRESSAGE are successful. Luc manages Schelstraete Dressage. He is merely and successfully active  in scouting potential excellent dressage prospects like Witness, Alonzo, Buriel and all the other top dressage horses Schelstraete Dressage has developed more than 20 years.

If you have questions or you want to sell or purchase a dressage horse you can reach Luc and Jonna via mail: ljschelstraete@gmail.com or cell: 0031651619119 / 0031646107670.


THE staff


van broekhoven

I am Sam van Broekhoven, 19 years old and I live in Cromvoirt. I am a student of business administration and have a passion for the equestrian sport. Because of this I enjoy gaining experience at a professional dressage stable at the weekend in addition to my studies. It is very nice to work at Schelstraete with the horses, they are all very sweet and there is a nice (relaxed) atmosphere in the stable. Of course it is nice when you can work with nice quality horses. One of the horses I like the most is Kapri Son, because he is a super sweet and handsome horse, and I think he resembles my own horse the most.



Esmee Stuurman (22 years old) works as stable staff and groom at Schelstraete Dressage. She says: “I like working with horses, especially at Schelstraete Dressage. All the horses here are so well behaved and sweet. That makes it very nice to work with them. The stable is professional and all the horses are very talented. My favourite horse is Kavallo; he is so nice and sweet to handle, but under saddle he is such a fiery and talented horse.”

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